Peter Marcus Group

Brand Building Strategies for the Fashion Industry

What We Do


The Peter Marcus Group is a luxury goods management consulting firm for brand building and corporate restructuring. The firm was founded on the principal that vast experience, thorough research, and excellent infrastructures are core ingredients to building successful brands. Mixing these elements with a high aesthetic culture and planning contributes to our success with many companies in the fashion accessory sector.


We work closely with private equity and venture capital to find, assess, and recommend brands and companies for potential investment. We also help restructure companies, often assuming temporary leadership and management roles. Peter Marcus Group is experienced in luxury goods retailing, wholesaling and sourcing, as well as financial planning, logistics, and information technology.


We have access to a large array of infrastructures in the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia to build product and brands from start to finish. We strategically build brands from concept to sale and everything in between, including design, sourcing, public relations, social media planning, and retailer relations.

Most of all, we plan financially sustainable and profitable brands that stand the test of investors, brand owners, and lenders in a highly competitive environment.